I am from Vermont.  I have breast Cancer.  I have to do Chemo, which I lost my hair.  My sister got me a Wizbang Hat.  I sleep in the hat and wear the hat during the day.  They are soft and light…I love the color and design of the hats.  I do get a lot of people telling me that they like the hats.  I was at Chemotherapy and a lady asked where I got the hat!   -Kelly

I bought the “starburst” hat last year at our local shop “Wapati Woolies” and got so many compliments that I thought I’d check out your website! You guys make the perfect girly hat for my small head…the colorful prints just make me smile!
– Lisa

I bought one of your hats at the Old Faithful gift shop in Yellowstone Park.  I love the fun beanies and bright colors!
– Melinda

I have complete alopecia hair loss and I love to buy more for my collection each year.  They are so comfortable and brighten my day!
– Vicky

I am a chemo patient and my sister bought me a hat and I fell in love with them. Thank you!

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