Wizbang mascot Molly

As all kids do “can we have a dog?”  “I will feed, walk, pick up after & take care of it.”  all of which I know is NOT going to happen and the dog’s survival is going to be on my shoulders!  This was the case in our household and my husband was chiming in with the kids.  They all wanted the cute puppies stationed on the boulevard of Reserve Street in front of Target.  They were cute alright, but I didn’t want the extra work involved with a new puppy.   I already had a full plate with caring for my 3 daughters, cooking gluten free due to a recent diagnosis of Celiac Disease, attending a rigorous schedule of sporting events, trying to work, and take care of the home.  We drove away empty handed, all in tears.
Well,  I went back later that day to grocery shop, drove by the boulevard and saw that of the 14 in the litter, only 3 were left.  The calm and sleepy puppy who got trampled all day was still laying there.  Not a hunters favorite because she was too docile.  It was meant to be…I called home and told my husband “she” was still there, he said “bring her home” so I wrote a check and brought her home.
She was greeted but not overwhelmed by the 3 little girls who smothered her when she arrived.  She truly needed and enjoyed the love and affection.  Our lives have been blessed everyday with this addition to our family.  She offers so much in her calm and understanding way.  I feel she would’ve been a great service dog graced with all of the necessary skills. Molly is smart, calm, great eye contact, minds well and in tune with human emotions.  She has never wandered, chewed anything or had an accident inside.  She actually rings the cowbells on the door for food or to get let out.   All of her talents are wasted on our family – ha!
She is so easy to have around and travels with us wherever we go with 3 children, in at least 3 sports,  year round for 20 years!  That’s a lot of miles and a lot of lives she has touched.  She’s in the car as we speak!  I show up to places and people’s  first words are… is Molly with you?   I open the back of my Subaru and let them give her some love.  She in turn, gives them some “sugar” as my Grandma use to say!
Here’s some more random facts about “Molly”
She has her own following… therefore, her own Facebook, (invite her to be your friend, you won’t regret it), she gives hugs, sheds a lot, 9 years old,doesn’t jump up on you, she has sported hats, sunglasses, nail polish and clothing, once dressed up as a UPS delivery man for Halloween because she is the perfect shade of UPS brown!  has a gluten free diet eating only lamb and rice, talks when excited or left on the dock, gives “knuckles”, plays dead, sits on command, lays down too, has a soft and shiny coat, lets kids pet her, sit on and pull her ears, gets her nails clipped, poor swimmer, doesn’t jump off of dock, she loves to hang out with the deer in her yard, loves to chase squirrels, barks only at mountain lions and bears, named after gymnast “Molly” they share the same hair color, nickname “Molly Polly”,  resembles a “speed bump”, loves hiking, blankets, lying on clothes left on the floor and her memory foam bed, hates the rain, loves baths, stands still for teeth cleaning, can barely shake to dry off, sits next to you when not feeling well, licks your face if you let her, stays off of furniture, carries leash in her mouth, doesn’t get human food but begs for chicken!  loves being an only dog which is a good thing because they broke the “good dog” mold when they made her, we couldn’t be so lucky to get another like her!